Tenant Handbook


Tips to deter theft include:

  • Take note of strangers. Make eye contact and ask if you may assist them. Be particularly alert for loiterers during lunch hours.
  • Verify the identification of service persons and do not release equipment without the authorization from management.
  • Do not leave purses or other valuables on or near your desk. Keep these items locked inside a desk or cabinet.
  • Keep blank checks and check protectors in a locking desk or filing cabinet.
  • Immediately report all suspicious activity, persons and/or crimes to security at (503) 348-0689.  Include your name, department, location, and a brief description of the situation.  A site supervisor will respond and document as needed.
  • If theft is of a significant value, notify and file a theft report with the police. The police non‐emergency number is (503) 823‐3333.