Tenant Handbook


All telecommunications vendors are required to receive prior approval from building management to access telephone rooms and closets.   A request can be made through the service request system. Each vendor will be required to follow building procedures when on site.  

Telco Access Policy:  One Main Place (Applies to low voltage work only)


For work that requires access into the Building MPOE (main point of entry – phone room) or any floor level telco rooms:


1.     Tenant needs to email an access request to the General Manager, Assistant General Manager and Chief Engineer at least 48-hours in advance requesting access.

The request needs to include the following information:

        Vendor Name

        Person/firm ordering the work

        Area of the building where access is being requested

        Contact telephone number for Tenant ordering the work.


2.     The day of the work,

        Vendor needs to check in at the security desk, get a badge and complete the Telco Vendor form.  A Telco room key will be checked out after the vendor has been processed.  At completion of the work, the vendor will check in the key and badge.  Security will later verify that the area of the work has been properly secured.

The Vendor sign in form will list the following information:  Installer’s company name, name of all person’s doing work at our site, cell phone number of the worker/workers and a description of what circuit is being effected. 

3.     Insurance requirements.  Current, fully compliant Certificates of Insurance will be maintained for all the telco providers such as Comcast, Integra and Century Link.  Their COI needs to also cover their subcontractors doing work in the building.

4.    Emergency repairs:  We realized that emergencies may arise with telco equipment.  The Tenant needs to call or visit the management office and coordinate access for emergency repair situations.