Tenant Handbook


Nightly janitorial service and trash removal is provided Sunday through Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.  Any items not in a trashcan that are marked “TRASH” (equipment and furniture are not included) will be removed. To remove larger than normal quantities of trash, please place a work order to request a trash bin.


In addition to nightly janitorial service, a day porter services the facility throughout normal business hours. The day porter is responsible for stocking restrooms, responding to special requests, servicing common areas (elevator lobbies, common corridors, the 1st floor main lobby, etc.), building exterior and parking grounds, and trash removal.

Nightly Service
  • Empty and clean all waste receptacles.  Remove wastepaper and trash from premises.
  • Vacuum all high traffic rugs and carpeted areas in office, lobbies and corridors.
  • Clean desk tops, if able to without disturbing paper and other materials left on desks.
  • Clean entryway glass doors.
  • Remove  all  fingerprints  and  smudges  from  vertical  entryway  surfaces  to  space including doors and doorframes, private entrance glass and around lighting switches.
  • Sweep private stairways, vacuum if carpeted.
  • Sweep and damp mop all uncarpeted floors, with the exception of wood floors.
  • Police stairways throughout the entire building and keep in clean condition.
  • Arrange furniture in lobbies, waiting rooms and conference rooms.
  • Ensure all public areas give a positive impression.
  • Lights are to be turned off in each section of the floor as work is completed (provided there are no occupants in the space.)


Weekly Service
  • Vacuum carpet edges.
  • Dust all office furniture, files, fixtures, paneling, windowsills, wall partitions and other horizontal surfaces.
  • Perform all high dusting over 3 feet.


Monthly Service
  • Clean all door, wall and ceiling air grilles.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture.


Quarterly Service
  • Dust lights
  • Clean all baseboards.


As Needed Service
  • Wash windowsills.
  • Damp mop floors where spillage has occurred.
  • Clean and buff floors to maintain scuff free high gloss.
  • Dust all mini blinds.



Nightly Service
  • Empty all waste receptacles. Remove wastepaper and trash from premises.
  • Mop, rinse and dry floor.
  • Clean all mirrors and enameled surfaces.
  • Wash and disinfect basins, urinals and toilets.
  • Clean fixtures.
  • Wash and disinfect bathroom interiors.
  • Refill bathroom supplies as needed.
  • Report leaks, clogs and burned out lights to maintenance department.


Weekly Service
  • Wash all partitions, tile walls, dispensers and receptacles.
  • Clean and wash all sanitary disposals.


Monthly Service
  • Machine scrub floors.
  • Vacuum all louvers and ventilation grilles.
  • Dust light fixtures.



Nightly Service
  • Sweep and damp mop all granite; marble, resilient and/or ceramic file floors.
  • Vacuum all high traffic carpeted areas.
  • Dust all paneling, elevator fronts, metal surfaces and walls.
  • Clean trash urns
  • Spot clean carpets.
  • Remove any graffiti and writing on sight.
  • Clean lobby signs.
  • Remove gum from floors and carpet on sight.
  • Sweep stairways.


Weekly Service
  • Vacuum carpet edges.
  • Wash all rubber mats and runners.
  • Wipe down stairway handrails.


Monthly Service
  • Refinish tile floors.
  • Dust to ceiling height.
  • Dust ceiling air grilles.
  • Damp wipe baseboards.




Exterior Service
  • All exterior window glass is cleaned in the building twice a year.


Interior Service
  • The interior of all exterior glass is cleaned in the building once a year to coincide with the Spring exterior window cleaning.
  • Interior service includes the cleaning of all interior windowsills and relite glass.