Going Green

Energy and green projects have been a major focus of the staff over the past three years. They continue to constantly challenge themselves to think differently about energy delivery and conservation without sacrificing customer service.

The current staff possesses a heavy background in energy conversation measures, LEED / Energy Star certification programs and building green program perspectives. The General Manager, Assistant General Manager and Chief Engineer have a combined 76 years of experience in commercial property management/engineering and a LEED GREEN Associate designation.

Energy Star:

  1. Energy Star ranks buildings all over the country and groups them by similar age and size. Most major cities now have an Energy Star reporting standard which is used as a comparison tool. One Main Place has a score of 92, meaning that of 100 like buildings, One Main Place outperforms 91% of the market in energy sustainability and consumption.
  2. Numerous projects were undertaken to achieve this score including but not limited to installation of a DDC backbone to control DDC conversions, replacement of original building fan systems, a rebuild of the cooling tower, replacement of the original gas boilers and conversion of every possible motor to VFD drives.

LEED Certification:

  1. LEED rates buildings by a scoring of 110 possible points for energy, comfort, air quality, green programs, ect., which are scored over an extensive monitoring and testing period. The level of certification a building achieves is determined by the number of quality points it receives. Beyond the minimum qualification standard of 40 points, the certification levels include: Certified, Certified Silver, Certified Gold and Certified Platinum.
  2. The staff began the pursuit of a LEED certification in early 2017. Upon completion 12 months later, One Main Place achieved the second highest level of LEED Gold Certification.

GREEN Programs:

  1. One Main Place engages in many practices to reduce the carbon footprint of the building while also creating a safe, cleaner and more sustainable workplace environment. One Main Place uses green cleaning products and practices only, green pest control, green window washing products, MERV 13 high-end air filters, heavier induction of outside air to reduce and monitor CO2, and low VOC paints, carpets and products in build-outs. 
  2. Recycling is a very important way that the staff at One Main Place engages tenants in GREEN programs. Tenants are provided with commingled, glass and toner recycling bins for their desks and office spaces. Additionally, the staff has ongoing battery recycling in which batteries can be dropped off in the management office.
  3. Organic materials and composting services will soon be available as yet another GREEN program at One Main Place.