Tenant Handbook


JLL will provide two (2) keys per each lock set at no charge to new tenants. Additional keys can be ordered at a nominal additional cost by placing a service request (Angus). In order to preserve the integrity of our security system, keys and locks must be ordered through JLL. For safety and security, all tenant door locks must be keyed to the building key system. This is necessary to allow access for daily janitorial service and emergency response access.


Key Control Tips:
  • Restrict keys to those who actually need them.
  • Keep complete and updated records of the key holders.
  • Maintain a strict policy of collecting keys from terminated employees.
  • Require all keys be marked DO NOT DUPLICATE to prevent legitimate locksmiths from making copies of keys without authorization.
  • Insist that keys be secured at all times. This includes keys left unguarded in desks and/or cabinets.