Tenant Handbook


JLL contracts with ABM Security Services to provide on‐site security personnel to observe and report activities that are detrimental to the safety and security of the facility and its occupants. We encourage you to promptly report any suspicious activity, person or crime, which you consider to be a threat to your safety or security.  Contact the security desk at (503) 348-0689 with your questions or concerns.


Security personnel are not police.  They do not have police power and should not be regarded as such.


Security personnel will provide the following services upon request:


  • Escort employees to and from parking areas anytime someone feels unsafe.
  • Investigate, document, and report any criminal activity.
  • Assist in filing crime reports.
  • Respond to any report of suspicious activity and/or person.



Security personnel are not able to provide the following services:


  • Make an arrest. Only an eyewitness to criminal activity can make a citizen’s arrest. If a crime is committed on the property or against an employee, a report should be filed with the police.
  • Request that an unwanted individual leave your business area. If someone is acting inappropriately, it is the responsibility of the tenant to tell the individual to leave. However, if there is any reason to fear violence from the individual, security personnel will respond and assist if the need arises.