Tenant Handbook


Tips to ensure your personal safety include:


  • Lock all office doors when working alone after normal business hours.
  • Be familiar with emergency escape routes.
  • Project confidence through your body language. Those who communicate fear, carelessness or other signs of weakness by the way they walk, stand, sit, or talk may attract the opportunistic criminal.
  • Prepare yourself in advance with a set of response options in a time of danger or stress.  Too often, victims are overwhelmed by an unexpected situation and fail to respond properly.
  • Keep windows rolled up and doors locked to reduce the opportunity of car prowl and theft.
  • Do not leave valuables in your car and consider anti‐theft devices.
  • Limit the number of items or packages you carry at one time. Perpetrators often target people encumbered with a lot of packages or bags. Make several trips or enlist the help of security personnel.